Talking Books™

Mavis Computel developed (and owns copyrights to) the Talking Books and the Mavis Pen. The Talking Books™ are interactive, audio-visual tools that make both teaching and learning very simple, motivational and engaging by making quality content prepared by experts easily available to learners. Children, parents and teachers can use the Talking Books™.

To use the Talking Books™, the user simply turns on the Mavis Pen™ and taps on the pages (texts or images) of the specially printed digital paper books to enter an exciting new world of interactive audio on paper. The Talking Books are a key component of our Mavis Education Programme (MEP).

Product Demo

Each Mavis Pen Pack contains:
•    1x Mavis Pen™ 2 (digital pen)
•    1x Wall charger for the Mavis Pen™
•    1x USB Cable (for updates and charging)
•    1x Earpiece
•    1x Quick User Guide

The new Mavis Pen 2 Features:

  • Bigger storage (can hold up to 100 books)

  • Inbuilt Microphone + Compare Button – Helps you practice your pronunciations easily

  • Speed Controls – Slow down or speed up the playback to your listening comfort level

  • Bigger Battery – The inbuilt rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours on a full charge

  • Sleeker design – Looks and feels great to hold

  • Several years of engineering, prototyping and countless hours of work put into bringing you an amazing device that takes learning to a new level.



Mavis Pen & Talking Book

List of Available Talking Books

Literacy Series:

  • English Book 1 with Phonics - Primary 1

  • English Book 2 with Phonics - Primary 2

  • English Book 3A with Phonics - Primary 3 (New)

  • English Book 3B with Phonics - Primary 3 (New)

  • Hausa-Learning-English Book 1 - Primary 1

  • Hausa-Learning-English Book 1 - Phonics Module

Numeracy Series:

  • Mathematics Book 1A – Primary 1

  • Mathematics Book 1B – Primary 1

  • Mathematics Book 2A – Primary 2

  • Mathematics Book 2B – Primary 2

  • Mathematics Book 3A – Primary 2 (New)

  • Mathematics Book 3B – Primary 2 (New)

Language Series - English-learning:

  • French Book 1

  • Arabic Book 1

  • Spanish Book 1

  • Hausa Book 1

  • Igbo Book 1

  • Yoruba Book 1

Children’s Bible Story Series:

  • The Teenage Warrior (David and Goliath)


Books under development

The Talking Books that will be available in the coming months include (but aren't limited to):

  • English Books

  • Mathematics Books

  • Science Books

  • Social Studies Books

  • Storybooks for children

  • Bible Storybooks for children

  • Intermediate and Advanced levels of the language series

  • ...and more

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