Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Mavis Talking Books™ help language learners?

For learning languages, the Mavis Talking Books™ will help pupils acquire skills in areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Mavis Talking Books use the language the user understands as the medium of instruction. It also simulates virtual immersion for quick uptake of language rhythm.

How can the Mavis Talking Books™ help parents become more involved in the education of their children?

The Mavis Talking Books are programmed in the language that the parents understand. It makes it easy for them to help the children because of their matured understanding. If a child does not understand a concept, the Mavis Talking Books serves as an easy guide that will enable the parents explain the concepts better to the child(ren).

How can the Mavis Talking Books help us if our school does not have language teachers?

The Mavis Talking Books™ enable an English teacher to teach an indigenous language (e.g. Yoruba), especially where there is a shortage of indigenous language teachers. The teacher is also helped to learn how to speak the language.

Will the Mavis Talking Books help our pupils perform better in their exams?

The Mavis Talking Books capture the sense of play with games and make learning more exciting and engaging for learners. Music and songs can also be used to spice up the learning environment. Several schools have also told us that the children are hesitant to go for break time because of the Mavis Talking Books™. They prefer to stay in class and use the products to continue learning.
From our deployments in various settings, we have seen improvements in learning outcomes. We attribute the improved performance to the fact that experts prepare the content of the Mavis Talking Books. Using the Mavis Talking Books technology, such high-quality learning content are made available to the users always (24/7).

We deal with Public Schools and we have the problem of shortage of quality teachers in our schools. Can the Mavis Education Model™ help us solve this problem?

Some factors that lead to the shortage of high quality teachers could include:

  • Schools located in rural areas where the teachers do not want to go
  • Funding challenges which makes it difficult to attract and retain high quality teachers
  • Retirement of some older, more qualified and experienced teachers

Using the Mavis Talking Books™ (with high quality content) and the Mavis Education Model™ (that is learner-centered), the problem of shortage of quality teachers can be solved with less funds. Our solution simulates virtual deployment of an expert educator in every classroom. Please contact us for further details.

How can the Mavis Talking Books™ help our government in basic education?

Government bodies (federal, state or local) can use the Mavis Talking Books™ to support public schools, or to educate out-of-school children in a cost-effective manner. The Mavis Talking Books™ can also be used to get counterpart funding from development partners to provide it as learning materials for children in the state. Please contact us for details.

If children in the community do not speak English, can the Mavis Talking Books help us?

The Mavis Talking Books enable teaching in indigenous languages in the first three years as required by the National Policy on Education. Our Hausa-to-English Mavis Talking Book™ won the 2017 British Council ELTons Award in the Local Innovation Category (in partnership with Cambridge English Language Assessment). Please see the following link:

Is the Mavis Education Model™ teacher-centered or learner-centered?

Our model is not teacher-centered. The Mavis Talking Books™ make learning truly learner-centered and self-paced. The Mavis Education Model™ makes it learner-centered and small group paced – maximum of five persons per group. The Mavis Education Model enables collaborative and participatory learning.

Do the Mavis Talking Books™ and Mavis Education Model™ help teachers?

Our Mavis Talking Books and Mavis Education Model reduce the burden on the teachers. The Mavis Talking Books also provide continuous mentoring for the teachers.

How does the Mavis Education Model™ help school owners?

The Mavis Education Model helps school owners who do not have sufficient funds to be able to use less teachers to handle more classes and more pupils. The model also makes multi-grade Learning possible. In a multi-grade environment, various grade levels can be in the same classroom using the differentiated learning of the Mavis Education Model. For details on how to implement the model to eventually increase enrollment and profitability for your school, please contact us.

Do the Mavis Talking Books™ need the Internet to work?

No. The Mavis Talking Books work offline. This overcomes the problems of Internet bandwidth limitation/unavailability/cost since our Mavis Pen solution does not depend on the Internet. All the necessary content for each Mavis Book is loaded on the Mavis Pen. Each Mavis Pen can store up to 100 Mavis Book programs.   

The Mavis Talking Books™ are not available in my local language. What can be done about this?

The Mavis Talking Books help to preserve the culture and true sounds of a language through stories, proverbs, music, songs, riddles, folklore, procedures, etc. We can digitize your language into the Mavis Talking Books format to help preserve it. Please contact us for details.

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