Reseller Training


Our Mavis Talking Books™ Resellers who go through this training are entitled to special product discounts (not available to end-users). It is a 1-Day Intensive Hands-on Training in Abuja (or online for those outside Abuja). Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the Mavis Talking Books™ and Mavis Education Model™
  • Usage of the Mathematics, English, Language, Rhymes Talking Books
  • Overview of the various accessories: Solar Kits, Mavis Slate 1.0
  • Marketing strategies
  • Customer Support


  • Lunch will be provided for all attendees (for those who are trained in Abuja)
  • 250 Units of Marketing flyers will be provided for each attendee (for those who are trained in Abuja)
  • Cost of travel outside Abuja not included. Please call for details if needed


Learning Outcomes:

  • The attendees will learn how to effectively market the Talking Books to different categories of clients
  • The attendees will gain proper grasp of the flow of each of the Talking Books™ and be providing a level of support to their customers.
  • The attendees are expected to fully understand the benefits of the Mavis Education Model and be able to explain it fully.


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