Mavis Education Model™ Deployment Training


2-Day Intensive Hands-on Training for an Individual. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the Mavis Education Model™
  • The Mavis Talking Books™, Solar Kits, Mavis Slate 1.0
  • Usage of the Mathematics, English, Rhymes Talking Books
  • Record Keeping & Reports
  • Facilitator’s Role
  • Classroom Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • Project Report Preparation
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Scale-up Strategies


Learning Outcomes:

  • The attendees are expected to fully understand the benefits of the Mavis Education Model and be able to explain it, defend it and deploy it anywhere required.
  • The attendees will gain proper grasp of the flow of each of the Talking Books™ and be confident supervising the usage in class. They will also learn how to effectively supervise classroom learning sessions, test the learning of the children and send weekly reports about the program.
  • The attendees will learn about the duties of a facilitator. They will also learn the importance of facilitators setting good examples for the children. They will be taught how to run the class effectively each day.
  • They will also learn M&E strategies and how to properly document learning outcomes from the project.
  • They will also be trained on how to share these learning with relevant stakeholders in order to source support and funding to scale-up the program.


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