Marketer Training


This training program is designed for individuals or organisations who want to effectively market and sell our Mavis Talking Books™ and Mavis Education Model™. Attending this training and getting certified can be the difference between struggling and making small sales and being well equipped to generate huge sales (in millions of Naira and more) from the big opportunities in education in Nigeria and across the world. The product (Mavis Talking Books™) at first glance looks easy to use and the assumption is that it is simple to sell. However, individuals soon realise that without the right knowledge on both the product, how it is deployed (the Mavis Education Model™), insight on the education landscape in Nigeria, how to source funds for deployments, etc. they would not make the amount of impact they hope to make and generate the kind of revenue they seek.



Expected Outcomes

Participants of this training will be:

  • Well enlightened on the education and educational technology landscape in Nigeria (and globally too)
  • Understand why the multi-award-winning Mavis Talking Books™ and Mavis Education Model™ have been deployed to reach thousands of children and adults with funding from donors (UKaid, US Embassy), governments (Borno, Nigerian Army) and others.
  • Entitled to special product discounts (not available to end-users).
  • Be confident and on their way to selling the Mavis Education Model™ and generating huge sales.

Duration: 2-Days Intensive Hands-on Training

Venue: Mavis Computel head office in Abuja, Nigeria.


Topics Covered:

  1. About the Education Sector in Nigeria
    1. Statistics on in-school and out-of-school children
    2. Which agency handles basic education?
    3. Budgets
  2. Other Possible Clients
    1. Corporate
    2. Military
    3. Health
    4. New language development
  3. Past/Current Projects
  4. About Mavis Computel
    1. Team size
    2. Founding story
    3. Plans for global expansion
    4. Hiring strategy
    5. Mavis Academy
  5. Awards
  6. The Mavis Talking Books
    1. Mavis Pen – Technical Details, Battery Life, Charging
    2. Warranty and After Sales Support
    3. Education Series
    4. Accessories
      1. Audio Splitter – How it helps reduce the effective cost.
      2. Earpieces (different grades)
    5. Solar – Dimensioning
    6. Future books under development
  7. Mavis Education Model™ and Deployment Scenarios
    1. In-school Strategy
    2. Out-of-school Strategy
    3. Strength – Mother tongue instruction
    4. Girl child education – the importance
  8. Legal Protection – Patents, Copyrights, etc.
  9. Project Implementation
    1. Identifying Stakeholders
    2. Training
    3. Community Mapping and Engagement
    4. School Selection
    5. M&E or MEL (which is better?)
      1. Importance of data
      2. ODK like tools for monitoring field teams
    6. EGRA and EGMA
    7. Security Considerations for volatile states
    8. Pictures and Video Documentary
  • Marketer’s Company Registration options and benefits of each:
    1. For-profit
    2. NGO
  • Pricing Methodology
    1. Reseller Discounts
    2. Project/Program Pricing using Excel guide
    3. Payment terms to Mavis Computel
    4. Production and Delivery timelines
    5. Co-branding and Branding
  • Competitor Analysis
    1. Other digital pens
    2. How our price is cheaper than the other digital pen and book companies
    3. Why the Mavis Talking Books are better than tablet-based solutions with Case Studies.
  • Funding Strategy
    1. Donors (USAID, UKaid, World Bank, etc.) – How to approach them
    2. Websites to get funding notifications from
    3. How to show cost/child/year of our intervention is one of the best
    4. UBEC
    5. Corporate bodies – CSR
  • Account Locking Program
  • Marketer’s Movements
    1. Let us know who you’re approaching in advance – avoids clashes
    2. Covering our travel expenses when outside of Abuja
  • Meeting/Presentation Strategies
    1. Importance of the demo kit
    2. Know who you’re meeting in advance – tailoring presentation and demo books to their specific need(s)
    3. Don’t focus on the product. Explain what we do in a broad sense, projects done, etc. to build confidence before doing product demo
  • Mock presentation – We’ll call out trainee to the front and we will bombard the person with questions. This will prepare them well to be able to answer most questions they’ll encounter when engaging with prospective clients.

Knowledge Investment Fee: N150,000 only

What the payment covers:

  • 2-day tuition and training materials
    • NB: Travel and accommodation expenses not included
  • Tea break and lunch (2 days)
  • Mavis Talking Books™ Demo Kit
    • Mavis Pen
    • Hausa-to-English Book
    • English with Phonics Book (1 or 2)
    • Mathematics Book 2A or 2B
    • Foreign Language Book (French/Arabic/Spanish)
    • Language Book (Hausa/Igbo/Yoruba)
    • 5-way Audio Splitter
  • Soft copies of marketing materials, proposal templates, etc.


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