What is the Mavis Talking Books™?

The Mavis Talking Book™ has two components which work together: The Mavis Pen™ and the Mavis Book. A Mavis Book is specially printed with unique dot patterns and colorful pictures. The Talking Books™ give the user an interactive and engaging audio-visual experience designed to provide high quality learning of various subjects such as English, Math, Nigerian languages, etc. The medium of instruction (programmed into the Mavis Pen™) is the language that the learner understands. A Mavis Pen has enough memory to store up to one hundred (100) Mavis Book programs in it. A user simply turns on the Mavis Pen™ and taps on the pages (texts or images) of the Mavis Books to enter an exciting new world of interactive audio on paper. The Mavis Talking Book™ is versatile and provides children and/or adult learners with engaging lessons, stories, comprehension exercises, games, quizzes, songs, rhymes and other engaging content. The Mavis Pen™ uses very low power (2.5Watts) and can be charged either from the mains power supply or by simple solar kits. The inbuilt battery (400mAh) of the Mavis Pen™ takes about one (1) hour to fully charge and can work for up to ten (10) hours of continuous use on a full charge.

What is the Mavis Education Model™?

The Mavis Education Model utilizes the Talking Books™ in small groups of not more than five pupils per group to provide high quality basic education in a true learner-centred, group-paced, collaborative and participatory manner under the supervision of trained teachers/facilitators. In a small group, an audio splitter is connected to the audio port of the Mavis Pen™. Each child in the group connects his/her earpiece to the audio splitter and the children all share one Talking Book™. Quality content, following the national curriculum, is programmed into the Mavis Pen™. The pen, in turn, serves as an intelligent and tireless instructor for the children. The teachers serve as facilitators, overseeing several groups. Each small group functions as a unit and a pair of facilitators can conveniently manage twenty such units or more. Essentially, the Talking Books drastically reduce the work load on teachers, while cost-effectively bringing high quality content to a learner, irrespective of his/her location. Internet connectivity is not required.
The beauty of our solution is that it can be easily deployed both informally (at home /in communities) or formally (in existing schools) to achieve verifiable results within few months.

Why is the Mavis Education Model™ unique?

Getting high quality teachers for most schools (especially in rural settings) has been a major challenge for education in Nigeria. Limited budget also makes it impossible to hire and pay well enough high-quality teachers needed to meet the education needs of millions of school and out-of-school children. We digitize and programme into the Mavis Pens™ high quality lessons prepared by our experts to work with the Mavis Books which we print with unique dot patterns to serve as teachers. The Mavis Talking Book™ is essentially “a teacher in a pen working with a book” that delivers high quality lessons anywhere the learner (literate or illiterate) is. It essentially turns any space (indoors or outdoors) into a learning space to deliver quality learning. It is independent of the internet. The Mavis Pen™ is designed to work with the Mavis Books to sound out audio lessons, interactive learning games, quizzes, rhymes, songs, stories, etc.to help make learning easy in the language that the user understands. The Talking Book™ is like “a tireless, high quality teacher”. Learners (children and/or adults) can use Talking Books any time of the day. Tapping on the pages of the Talking Books™ can be repeated many times until the concept has been mastered.

The Mavis Education Model utilizes the Talking Books™ and collaborative learning in small groups to address the challenge of the dearth of quality teachers in Nigeria. The Talking Books™ also help to raise the standards of teachers.

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