Mavis Academy: Highest quality learning at a fraction of the cost in a language that the child understands

Our Mavis Academies are tech-driven chains of affordable primary schools with fees as low as N2500 ($8)/child/month

How it Works

Talking Books™: A Great Way To Learn

Test session with the children using the Hausa-to-English Talking Books at our MEP Centre in Mpape, Abuja Nigeria


We are excited to announce that our company, Mavis Computel Ltd is a finalist of the 15th British Council ELTons Awards for Innovation in English Language Teaching 2017 in the Local Innovation category.

Our Hausa-learning-English Talking Book 1 has been selected as one of the final products by a panel of experts from among 115 international products, publications and services as meeting the stringent criteria for innovation in English Language Teaching #ELTons.

What We Do

Overcoming the Language Barrier in Learning

We overcome the language barrier in learning that has hindered millions of children in poor communities from gaining the much-needed literacy and numeracy skills in early years. For example, a child in northern Nigeria who knows only Hausa can use our Talking Books to learn English and Math (using Hausa as the language of instruction). This is in line with the National Policy on Education that states that children should be taught in their local language or the language of their immediate environment for the first 3 years. We now make this possible in a very affordable yet highly effective manner.

Promising Investment

Mavis Academy owners/sponsors can get 35% of the profit generated each month. We run the centres on behalf of the owners or sponsors and provide a real time remote monitoring platform to view the school and weekly reports to monitor progress of the pupils. We remit the returns to the owners/sponsors every month once the school starts.

Providing good paying jobs for teachers in rural areas

We aim to help create over 3,000 jobs for young graduates with degrees in education and to pay them good salaries which in most cases will be 3 – 5 times what they would get in rural public or private schools. We strongly believe teachers deserve to be paid living wages and have a good career path. We make this possible for those enrolled as facilitators in our MEP Centres. 


Utilizing Existing Infrastructure

We make use of existing buildings in communities and re-purpose them to be conducive for learning. This also helps provide extra income for property owners in the communities and artisans who make the furniture for the centres.

All Year-round Learning (10 months)

From research, this helps children retain knowledge better than going on very long breaks and forgetting what they learned the last term. Our centres are not restricted to the conventional school year starting in September. Each new centre can start at any month.

Existing MEP Centres

Mpape, Abuja (MEPC/ABJ/MPA/0001)

  • Pilot centre launched in February 2016 to get empirical data. Literacy test scores of the children rose from 30% at the beginning of the program to about 93% in just 8 weeks.

Bwari, Abuja (MEPC/ABJ/BWR/0002)

  • Launched February 2017 by Olutayo Afelumo (Founder - ENCF) with support from the Embassy of the United States of America Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Status: Enrollment is on-going at Kogo and Zango communities in Bwari, FCT. Currently tuition FREE courtesy of the US Embassy. Parents in this community can enroll their children (ages 4 – 18) today.

New Mavis Academies

  • Mpape, Abuja (MAC/0001)
    - Launching in July 2017 to cater to 300 pupils.
  • Mararaba, Nasarawa (MAC/0002)
    - Launching in July 2017 to cater to 300 pupils.

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